Professor Alastair Florence

CMAC Director
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Alastair Florence

Alastair Florence is a distinguished professor in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Strathclyde and is the director of CMAC, providing leadership across the portfolio, engaging with key stakeholders, and driving the centre’s vision to transform the development and manufacture of medicines.

Florence leads a number of major programs across the portfolio including the EPSRC Future CMAC Manufacturing Research Hub, Made Smarter Innovation—Digital Medicines Manufacturing Research Centre (DM2), and CMAC National Facility. He leads the multidisciplinary, multi-institution academic team driving ambitious manufacturing research, training, translation and facilities programs and working in close collaboration with industry partners to understand existing or emerging challenges to develop effective solutions delivered by the CMAC program.

His research interests lie in the science and technology associated with continuous crystallization, physical form control and advanced characterization of pharmaceuticals and the development of predictive methods for experimental design, processing, and control.