4th Symposium of the International Consortium for Advanced Medicines Manufacturing

Advanced Medicines Manufacturing: Celebrating Success and Advancing Adoption

April 27 & 28, 2023
Royal Sonesta, Cambridge USA

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Featured Speakers

Janet Woodcock

Janet Woodcock, Principal Deputy Commissioner, FDA

Peter Marks

Peter Marks, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA

Patricia Hurter

Patricia Hurter, CEO, Lyndra Therapeutics

Rahul Singhvi

Rahul Singhvi, Co-Founder and CEO, Resilience


The International Symposium of Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical (ISCMP) was established in 2012 and has organized three successful meetings bringing together leading scientist and technical experts from industry, academia, and global regulatory authorities. These symposia helped lay the foundation for future industry adoption and regulatory policies.

Building on the success of ISCMP with an eye toward accelerated adoption of advance manufacturing technologies for small molecules, biologics, vaccines, and other modalities, ICAMM (International Consortium for Advance Medicine Manufacturing) was established in 2021. ICAMM’s 2023 meeting will bring together the leading scientists and experts from academia, industry, global regulatory authorities, and policy makers to access progress to date, celebrates implementation success, evaluate remaining challenges and put together a joint future vision that will benefit patients globally by delivering needed medicines and overcoming technology and supply chain challenges.


Day 1

Morning Session

Celebrating Success Stories of Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Case studies of Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Afternoon Session

The Future of Healthcare and Supply Chains
Examining how emerging technologies will shape how we manufacture pharmaceutical products in the coming years


Day 2

Morning Session

Addressing Future Challenges
What is needed to address future needs in healthcare

Afternoon Session

The Future of Regulatory
Looking at how health authorities around the globe are working to enable Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing technologies